Keeping Our City Safe

In recent years the State seems to be more concerned with the rights of criminals than they are about the rights of victims. What has been dubbed “criminal justice reform” normally comes in the form of the reduction or elimination of punishment for real crimes committed against citizens that deserve justice. 

Steve Manos supports strengthening law enforcement to combat the growing statewide trends of transients, thieves, and drug users.

California has cut funding for mental health programs, but has given significant pay increases to state employees. It has nearly eliminated criminal penalties for drug and theft crimes. Criminals face little or no bail requirements. The State has decriminalized the purposeful spread of HIV. The prisons must now consider the release of “non-violent” criminals, including those convicted of pimping out minors or raping an unconscious person.

We need leaders with a proper moral conviction to defend its residents from these threats in every conceivable way possible.

Keep Lake Elsinore as a Destination for Businesses


One of the greatest impediments to progress in our city was inefficiency at City Hall and the unwillingness of earlier elected officials. Over the past eight years Steve Manos fought passionately to change this dynamic and the reputation that the city had earned.


As a Mayor and Council Member, Steve went to work to bring about the economic revival of of his city.  He supported modernization of City Hall, was a founding member of the economic development committee, advocated and funded an economic development ombudsman, and has traveled all over the country to recruit popular businesses to our town. 

The result has been more jobs, new commercial and industrial construction, and more small and large businesses opening in Lake Elsinore. We have a very bright future, despite challenges.

End Homelessness

Homelessness in California has risen dramatically in recent years despite one of the most robust economic periods in our nation’s history. Numerous  decisions made at the State level have directly contributed to the crisis.

During Steve’s term as Mayor and Councilman, Lake Elsinore reduced the number of unsheltered individuals from 129 persons to just 51 individuals in 2020, according to the Federal Point in Time Homeless Count. Lake Elsinore has led the charge by implementing numerous effective best practices that are now being utilized by cities throughout the region. We engaged non-profits, the county, and the Sheriff’s Department to coordinate a program that is working. My goal is to effectively reduce homelessness in Lake Elsinore to zero in the next 10 years.

Reduce Taxes and Monitor Spending

Steve Manos is a tax fighter! He led the charge in lowering property taxes for residents during his first year in office. Thousands of residents in Lake Elsinore have saved as much as $1200 per year in taxes thanks to measures implemented to reduce costs.

Steve is an outspoken defender of California’s Proposition 13 and has never voted to raise taxes or place a tax measure on the ballot for Lake Elsinore.

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