Core Values


Public safety is the number one responsibility of local city government. Steve Manos has supported improving police services and spending by 40%, opening the long shuttered Rosetta Canyon Fire Station in 2013, and the addition code enforcement personnel to combat the growing statewide trend of transients, theft, and drugs.

The residents of Lake Elsinore have endured a number of setbacks relative to public safety due to decisions made California legislature in recent years. The California State government has unfunded a number of mental health programs. It has nearly eliminated criminal penalties for drug and theft crimes. Low level criminals face no bail requirements. The State decriminalized the purposeful spread of HIV. The prisons are currently releasing “non-violent” criminals, including those convicted of pimping out minors or raping an unconscious person. We need leaders with a proper moral conviction to defend its residents from these threats in every conceivable way possible.

Restaurant Ribbon Cutting


Businesses are the lifeblood of cities. They not only provide services and tax revenue, but also local jobs and community partners.

Steve has been instrumental in the economic revival of Lake Elsinore. Whether it was the public investment in the Historic Downtown spurring the Renaissance of Main Street, the recruiting of “restaurant row” developing along Central Avenue, or the ease of developing hundreds of thousands of square feet of new industrial buildings constructed over his tenure – Steve has been at instrumental to the growth of the City.


Connecting and communicating with the public is incredibly important for a transparent, accountable municipal government. The advance of technology has brought the world closer together and changed the flow of information to the general public. Local news sources are in short supply.

Steve recognized these trends early in his tenure and has been openly engaging with his constituents online, in person, by phone, and by email. He has been a voice for the people and an excellent leader that other elected officials trust to follow. His aptitude for follow up and clarity of message are the hallmarks that have helped earn the respect and trust of the community he serves.


The most noticeable change in Lake Elsinore has been the efforts to beautify the city.


City officials have overseen the repair of roughly 30% of the City’s roads since Steve took office in 2012. The Main Street core received decorative crosswalks in 2014. The City has constructed miles of new sidewalks since 2012, which have created safe routes to schools. Updated street signage is evident throughout the city. Examples include: the Historic Downtown freeway sign, the LED billboard the city shares with the Storm, and two large freeway signs reminding commuters that they have arrived in Lake Elsinore. The City has added traffic signals at dangerous intersections and will soon convert its street lights to energy efficient, brighter, safer LED technology.

City Facilities

City Hall, the Cultural Center, the City Yard, and the Senior Center were all brought into the 21st century with new paint, furniture, and technology. The Diamond Stadium was outfitted with new seating and an expanded patio area to serve its premier restaurant, the Diamond Club.


City parks received new playground equipment. Two new skate parks were built at Summerly Park and Serenity Park. McVicker Canyon Park’s skating facility is undergoing an upgrade. A new splash and half court practice soccer field were all recently added amenities at¬†Yarborough Park. Rosetta Canyon’s Community Park saw a major upgrade with five state of the art softball fields, a football field, LED lights, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a community garden.

Points of Interest & Community Activities

The city built monument signage at the city’s points of entry. The campground is undergoing a long overdue update. The Historic Main Street Parking Lot is paved for the first time in its history, complete with light sculptures and holiday tree. The Artist’s Detour project has taken root. There are a number of new cultural community events, athletic community programs, and youth leadership engagement programs.

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