Vision for California

Safer Communities

In recent years the State seems to be more concerned with the rights of criminals than they are about the rights of victims. What has been dubbed “criminal justice reform” normally comes in the form of the reduction or elimination of punishment for real crimes committed against citizens that deserve justice. 

Steve Manos supports strengthening state laws to combat the growing statewide trends of transients, thieves, and drug users.

California has cut funding for mental health programs, but has given significant pay increases to state employees. It has nearly eliminated criminal penalties for drug and theft crimes. Criminals face little or no bail requirements. The State has decriminalized the purposeful spread of HIV. The prisons release “non-violent” criminals, including those convicted of pimping out minors or raping an unconscious person.

We need leaders with a proper moral conviction to defend its residents from these threats in every conceivable way possible.

Make California a Destination for Middle Class Jobs Again

One of the greatest impediments to progress has been the burdensome regulations imposed by the State. The costs and delays involved to overcome red tape plus all the State’s heavy taxes makes doing business outside of California far more attractive than starting or moving a business within California. This needs to change.

As a Mayor and Council Member, Steve went to work to bring about the economic revival of of his city.  As a business owner, he understands the challenges facing the small businesses that provide the majority of jobs in local communities.

End Homelessness

Homelessness in California has risen dramatically despite one of the most robust economic periods in our nation’s history. Numerous  decisions made at the State level have directly contributed to the crisis.

During Steve’s term as Mayor and Councilman, Lake Elsinore reduced the number of unsheltered individuals by half according to the Federal Point in Time Homeless Count. The city implemented effective best practices that are now being utilized by cities throughout the region.

The State must restore funding to mental health and social services programs that are complimented by zero tolerance law enforcement strategies. Restoring affordable housing  funding is also desperately needed.

Reduce Taxes and Monitor Spending

Steve Manos is a tax fighter! He led the charge in lowering property taxes for residents during his first year in office. Thousands of residents in Lake Elsinore have saved as much as $1200 per year in taxes thanks to measures implemented to reduce costs.

California burdens its residents with the highest taxes in the United States and it seems like there’s no tax that’s too obscene for California legislators. One of the first actions Steve would take once Assemblyman would be to demand an independent audit of the State’s gas tax spending.

We have to defend Proposition 13 and look to repeal the onerous taxes and fees that have increased the cost to live in California.


No matter where you stand in the political spectrum, every Californian can agree that legal immigrants are a welcome addition to our society. Legal immigrants have often worked hard to obtain the privilege to call themselves American. The net result are productive participants in our communities.

Illegal immigration is bad for a number of reasons, yet the State of California has recently been doing a disservice to immigrants and Americans by creating incentives for immigrants to break the law and come to California illegally. Providing free health care, shielding foreign nationals that have committed crimes from Federal authorities, smearing the name of Immigration Control Enforcement, and providing driver’s licenses to individuals in our country without even a visa creates circumstances that encourages immigrants to skip the line and come our state without vetting.

Illegal immigration is bad for Americans and bad for immigrants. Illegal immigrants are modern day second class residents – being exempted from minimum wage requirements, often mistreated by poor working conditions, and used to fatten the bottom line of corporations in the US. The path to the US is deadly. Unaccredited education or unverifiable work experience turns doctors and lawyers into field workers and dishwashers. Encouraging desperate people to break the law is not a dignified solution.

As an elected city official, Steve Manos supported a formal resolution to reject adhering to the State’s Sanctuary State law in 2018, calling the State’s law in conflict with the US Constitution, which he has sworn an oath to defend.

Immigration laws exist for good reasons. The State laws that encourage and support illegal activity need to be repealed as soon as possible.

Elected Leader Ready to Lead the Region

Steve has been the elected representative for Riverside County cities in addressing proposed State laws that would be harmful to our residents. He has successfully worked to block legislation that would’ve increased taxes or eliminated the voice of residents. 

Steve Manos is rare – a local elected official with a track record of success dealing with numerous local and State issues. He’s the only candidate in the race prepared to tackle the bigger picture. On March 3rd we ask that you Stand with Steve!

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